Temple Emanuel
Denver, Colorado

Israel Series

Temple Emanuel is proud to announce our Israel Speaker and Education Series!

Our six-part series will feature speakers on a wide variety of topics from Israeli politics to Statehood to baseball.  Our speakers come from different backgrounds and each have a personal connection to Israel that is unique and will widen our knowledge of Israel.

Our goal in offering the Israel series is twofold.  First we would like to provide our community with different perspectives on Israel and second, to increase background knowledge of our community members who would like to become Israeli Ambassadors for our congregation.  Beginning, in November we will kick off an IEngage class which will be another six-part class focused on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  With the knowledge gained in the IEngage class, we are looking to train volunteers who might be interested in helping Temple Emanuel plan future Israel programs in the Religious school, Israel themed services, and celebrations like Yom H’atzmaut.