Temple Emanuel
Denver, Colorado
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In ancient time, Israelites atoned with sacrifices. Annually, on what is now Yom Kippur, the high priest arranged the sacrifice of two goats. The first he slaughtered. The second he laid his hands upon to transfer the community's sins onto it. Then, he sent the scapegoat off into the wilderness.

Today we don't exactly sacrifice a goat, but we do try to "clean our slates" and reflect on the year during Elul, the month before Yom Kippur. In preparation for Yom Kippur, you can atone anonymously with the Temple Emanuel Scapegoat! Some anonymous entries will be shared with the community during our Sh'ma Koleinu service on Yom Kippur morning. 

*All entries remain anonymous.

Scapegoat inspired by eScapegoat from BimBam