Temple Emanuel
Denver, Colorado

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Welcome Home!

Are you looking for a place to call your spiritual home? Become a part of our welcoming community. Whether you’re single or partnered; gay or straight; Jewishly involved or seeking Jewish connection; from an interfaith or a Jewish home; join us. Welcome home!

What’s It Like At Temple Emanuel?

Temple Emanuel is a creative, thriving Reform congregation in Denver. We strive to be a welcoming and dynamic sacred community through Jewish practice, tradition, values, culture, and education.

Because of our size and commitment to our membership we provide a vast and varied array of activities and services for our congregation and community 365 days a year. Some of the many activities that take place at our temple are:

  • Worship Services
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Religious School
  • Youth Groups
  • Summer Camp

  • Sisterhood
  • Brotherhood
  • Adult Education
  • Social Justice
  • Interfaith Programs 

Join Temple Emanuel

We are delighted that you are interested in joining Temple Emanuel! We welcome you and encourage you to explore the many and diverse opportunities for Jewish expression that we offer.

Typical Membership Process

  1. Learn about Temple Emanuel - We invite you to download and review our membership packet, browse the website, and visit us for services and activities.
  2. Meeting and tour – Though not required, we would love for a member of our staff or clergy to meet with you, give you a tour of our magnificent building, and discuss being a member at Temple Emanuel. Contact us now.
  3. Complete application – Once you’re ready to join our congregation, just complete and return the membership packet. Welcome!

Dues Commitment

Temple Emanuel does not have a set amount for dues. Rather, we operate on a “Fair Share” dues basis. Each member determines his or her dues based on household income and ability to pay. The recommended contribution is 2% of the household’s gross income. No one will be turned away for financial reasons. It costs $1700 to sustain a family at Temple Emanuel and we would like members to contribute as close to that amount as possible. 

We use the honor system when it comes to dues. No financial information is requested. However, we do ask that you look at your resources and make a meaningful and significant contribution. By making the largest commitment you can, you will provide the support that our congregation needs to thrive. Our Executive Director, Steve Stark, reviews all applications, and will be in contact with you if he has any questions or would like to discuss your dues pledge amount further.

Dues are set for a one-year period based upon Temple’s fiscal year, which begins, July 1st and ends June 30th, and are prorated to date of joining. Dues are generally increased annually. Dues are payable in advance and may be paid annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly. A statement is mailed monthly to the address provided for any balance due.

People under the age of 31 are given free membership, until one of the members of the household turns 31. Early Childhood Center, Shwayder Camp, Cemetery, and wedding fees are not adjusted for those members with free memberships.

The Importance of Dues

Temple Emanuel is a non-profit religious institution. The primary source of funding for the Temple’s programs is the dues contributed by Temple members. The officers and trustees, who are elected at the annual meeting, conduct the business affairs of the Temple in consultation with our professional staff. Through careful planning and review, the costs of operation are held to a minimum and are comparable to similar costs of other congregations throughout the United States.

Our Membership in the URJ is essential. The Union for Reform Judaism is the organization of Reform Jewish synagogues in North America, with which our synagogue is affiliated. To be affiliated with the URJ, Temple Emanuel pays dues. The URJ provides us with vital resources such as leadership training for our lay leaders, training of our clergy and other professional staff, educational materials to use in our congregation for adults and youth, programs for our youth, and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism in Washington, D.C. We benefit greatly from being part of this umbrella organization.

Capital Improvement Fund Pledge

All new members are asked to make a pledge to the Capital Improvement Fund of Temple Emanuel to maintain our beautiful facility and plan for future Capital Improvement needs. The recommended pledge is twice the amount of annual dues. Members under the age of 31 will determine this pledge upon reaching 31. This pledge is payable over five years and, unless otherwise indicated, begins the second year of membership. Like your dues, we ask that you look at your resources and make the largest commitment appropriate for your family.

Questions About Membership?

If you have additional questions about membership, please contact Sarah Brown, at 303-388-4013 or brown@emanueldenver.org.

We welcome you to join us for our many community activities as you learn more about Temple Emanuel. Our staff is always available to be of help in any way.

We look forward to greeting you at Temple!