Temple Emanuel
Denver, Colorado

Kehila 1874

Kehila 1874 - Annual Financial Commitment

Beginning in Summer 2018, we will move into a new annual financial commitment that will replace our former dues structure. 

Temple Emanuel's offerings have been growing in size and scope tremendously. To be able to sustain our community and prepare for future milestones, we have planned with intention and attention. We need to sustain the work we do and the community we build. In a year, we:

  • name and bless around 40 babies,

  • educate close to 300 in our Early Learning Center and award them $20,000 in scholarships,

  • usher an average of 75 B’nai Mitzvah into adulthood and confirm 25,

  • educate over 550 children in our Religious School,

  • join almost 20 couples in marriage,

  • comfort and support 70 bereaved families,

  • shepherd 10-15 Jews into our community through conversion.

As we look forward to coming years of increasing B'nai Mitzvah from 75 annually to 100, joining dozens of couples in marriage, and growing educational and social action programs, we must be able to meet our baseline needs. Kehila 1874 is designed to do this. By bringing together community (kehila) and tradition (1874 - the year of our founding), we will be able to sustain and grow. 

The What

Kehila 1874 will:

  • enable Temple Emanuel to carry out our mission with increased efficiency, intent, and scope. 

  • enhance our operational excellence, programming, and services.

  • introduce a series of opportunities for members at each level.

  • establish the sustaining foundation level per household to meet our members’ needs and desires. This is consistent with the average dues levels of other synagogues in our community. With a spirit of generosity and commitment to Jewish values, those who can give more will enable our congregation to experience cutting edge Jewish practice, tradition, values, culture and education without finances standing in the way. No one will ever be turned away from Temple Emanuel for financial reasons.

  • set in place a system for all levels of giving that also recognizes volunteerism and in-kind contributions.

Kehila Annual Opportunities

Welcome: Baruch Haba (Sustaining Level)



51 Grape Club

Tzedek Circle

Pearl Society

Mitzvah Circle (Recognition of non-financial volunteerism)