Temple Emanuel
Denver, Colorado

Families With Children Under 9

Mitzvah Day 2017

Families With Children Under 9


Junior Mitzvah Day

Fun projects that are perfect for younger children under 9. Some projects include:

Muffin House - Mix, bake, and pack muffins for breakfast for a homeless shelter.
Burrito Factory - Wrap beans and cheese to make a burrito lunch for homeless women.
Get Well Cards and Book Marks - Make a get well card for the clergy to deliver to Temple members who are in the hospital and in need of cheering up.


Denver Health Newborns In Need

Mission: The Newborns in Need campaign collects new baby items, assembles them, and distributes them to those families in need, so their newborn babies get the healthy start they deserve.
Project Description: Hospital tour, assemble warm welcome bags for new babies, stuff activity bags for kids in the emergency department.

Minimum age for participation is 5.

Bluff Lake Nature Center

Mission: Bluff Lake Nature Center is a nonprofit agency that owns and manages a unique urban wildlife refuge and outdoor classroom in northeast Denver.

Project Description: Gardening, site maintenance, trail work.

Minimum age for participation is 8.

Fairmount Cemetery Temple Emanuel Section Cleanup

Mission: Fairmount Cemetery houses Temple Emanuel's burial plots.

Project Description: Clean-up Temple Emanuel’s section, involving picking up rocks on the ground and throwing out artificial and dead flowers and other décor that Temple deems inappropriate.

Minimum age for participation is 8.


Mission: It is the intent of SAME Cafe to build a healthy community by providing a basic need of food in a respectful and dignified manner to anyone who walks through the door.

Project Description: Comprehensive kitchen and restaurant cleaning—wear clothes that can get dirty

Minimum Age for participation is 8. One adult per child.

Jewish Family Service Group Home

Mission: Offers caring, supervised residential living for eight adults with developmental disabilities.

Project Description: Spring clean-up of grounds including planting and getting flower beds ready for planting.

Minimum Age for participation is 8.