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What is Kehila 1874?
Kehila 1874 is the annual financial commitment for membership at Temple Emanuel, effective July 1, 2018.  This is the sustaining level of membership and offered to new members.

Why was the fair-share dues model replaced?
Fair-share dues was no longer sustainable for our future.  We were finding gaps that we were unable to fill, and we were unable to plan for the future we envision for this community.  We had not evaluated our dues structure in over two decades and needed to find a system that enables Temple Emanuel to not only survive but to thrive. 

Why is it called Kehila 1874?
Kehila means community-this is what we have built and what our commitment supports.  1874 is the year of our founding.  This is also the average amount per household that is required to sustain Temple Emanuel. 

Why are there different levels of giving?
With a spirit of generosity and commitment to our community, those who can give more ensure a place for those who cannot give at a high level.  This high level of commitment is met with benefits and access as recognition of this act of tzedakah.  Because no one will ever be turned away for financial reasons, we depend on the kindness of others to ensure a place for all.  Kehila 1874 is a representation of how we live our values.  If we want to live in a community that is educated, engaged and spiritual, we must ensure it is available for all community members. 

Besides giving levels, how are commitments recognized?
A pillar of Kehila 1874 is the Mitzvah Circle-special recognition for volunteers in one or more of Temple Emanuel’s opportunities and based on ongoing commitment and consistent involvement. 

I have other questions about how my annual financial commitment to Temple Emanuel is allocated. Who is the right person to ask?
If you have questions about your own current commitment, please contact Susan Chayet, Membership Engagement Director

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