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Dear Friends,

Since the establishment of Temple Emanuel in 1874, we have relied on our members to support our community (our kehila) by paying annual dues. Because of your ongoing support, we have been able to create a congregation that values a compassionate and welcoming atmosphere, engaging programs for all ages, meaningful life-cycle events where we celebrate joy and provide comfort in times of hardship, and a religious education program that educates all who walk through our doors for a nominal fee.

According to our research, the average dues of Temple Emanuel members is far lower than most congregations in Denver. Beginning on July 1, 2018, a new annual financial commitment model took effect—it’s called Kehila 1874. Named for our community (our kehila) and the year of our founding (1874), this model will enable us to fill long standing gaps and achieve richer programming and education for all.  Additionally, Kehila 1874 is a representation of how we live our values.  If we want to live in a community that is educated, engaged and spiritual, we must ensure that it is available for all community members.

As always, no one will ever be turned away from our congregation due to inability to contribute.  Some of our membership will only be able to contribute at or below the sustaining level.  Others will be able to give more.  Each level offers different benefits and connections.  In addition, volunteer appreciation is a foundational pillar of our values and commitment to community.  I would ask that you reflect on how Temple Emanuel has been a welcoming home for you, whether you are in the building every week for services, educating your children here or reflecting on memories and friendships made in these hallways years ago.  In the Mishnah, we find:

Im ein kemach, ein torha, V’im eyn Torah, ein Kemach
If there is no bread, there can be no Torah.  If there is no Torah, there can be no bread.

In other words, the holy work that we do here at Temple relies on your contributions.  However, we also understand that the support you give is nothing if it is not based on Jewish values and tradition.  We understand and appreciate the fact that your gifts to Temple Emanuel help to bring holiness into the world.  The sacred bond between our kehila (community) and our membership is something we cherish and protect every day at Temple Emanuel. 

You can contact Susan Chayet, Membership Engagement Director for more information and to confirm your commitment level. Please do not hesitate to contact Susan with any questions or concerns. Again, as always, no one will be turned away for financial reasons.  

Thank you for your support. With friendship and appreciation for the sacred partnership we have created, I am…
L’Shalom (in peace), 
Rabbi Joseph R. Black

Tue, January 31 2023 9 Sh'vat 5783