Temple Emanuel
Denver, Colorado


My friends and Congregants,

I am writing you all to discuss with you the security needs of our congregation. As you know, Jewish
institutions in this country and around the globe have recently been faced with increasing safety
concerns; acts of hate have been on the rise over the last six months. As you also know, it has not just
been Jewish Institutions that have come under this pressure.
Temple Emanuel takes the safety and security of our congregants and building very seriously. Last year,
we initiated a special Taskforce on Security and Hospitality. Because of the hard work of the taskforce,
we hired a security firm to assess Temple's overall security policies and procedures. The good news is
that we already have many sound security measures in place. We received much positive feedback for
our security protocols at that time. But we also felt that there was more that we could do. As such, we
also initiated several upgrades, including addition additional surveillance cameras and High Holiday
security personnel.

While we felt that our investment in new security technology and procedures were steps in the right
direction, we also felt that, given the current climate in which we find ourselves, and after extensive
research and thoughtful discussion, it was time to engage in-person security personnel in our building.
In addition to upgrading our overall security, our guards will provide a friendly and welcoming presence
in our building. We hope that everyone will strive to make them feel at home in our community. In our
research, we found that many synagogues and temples around the country have added security
professionals in place. As you might expect, this additional security will require additional expenses that
are not in our budget. In consultation with our Board of Trustees and in keeping with standard practices
of other congregations we have decided to assess every household in our congregation a small security
fee to defray the cost. As such, starting with the new fiscal year beginning July 1st, we will be assessing
an annual security fee to assist in covering the cost of our enhanced security measures. The amount that
we are going to assess per household is $35. I appreciate your support and concern for this important
undertaking. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at
stark@emanueldenver.org, or call the Temple office at 303-388-4013.
In peace and friendship,
Steven Stark
Executive Director