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Tzedakah – “The charity that is righteousness”

All significant institutions of culture and learning require supplemental operating funds, and our Temple is no exception. Inspiring worship led by devoted clergy; educational programs for tots, children, teens and adults; cultural and social action offerings; and the preservation of our magnificent building, all depend on the support of caring individuals. Honor a special occasion or remember a loved one by making a contribution to one of the funds at Temple Emanuel. Each gift makes possible all that we do today and prepares us for an ever more promising tomorrow.

Please contact Francie Miran, Development Manager, at miran@emanueldenver.org or 303-388-4013, ext. 335, for more information about these options.

How to Donate

Cash Gifts

Please, as you consider your donation to Temple Emanuel, keep in mind that donations under $25 should be mailed to the Temple.

Donate Online

Temple Emanuel accepts donations online using the MMOnTheWeb system.

Current members donate now.

Non-members donate now.

Donate By Phone

Call Francie Miran, Development Manager, at 303-388-4013 ext. 335.

Donate By Mail

Download the printable donation form and mail it to:

Temple Emanuel
51 Grape Street
Denver, CO 80220

You can also fax the form to 303-388-6328.

Gifts of Securities

Gifts of securities are an excellent way for you to support Temple Emanuel and potentially enjoy tax benefits. Consult with your financial advisor about these and other tax-advantageous ways of making a gift to Temple Emanuel. For additional information and necessary forms, please contact Francie Miran, Development Manager, at 303-388-4013 ext. 335.

Appreciated Securities

When you donate shares of stock or mutual funds that have appreciated in value since their purchase, you:

  • Make a generous gift to Temple Emanuel

  • Receive a charitable income tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the securities at the time of donation (if you have owned the shares longer than one year)

  • Avoid the capital gains tax you would incur if you sold the shares instead of donating them

  • May carry forward any deductions in excess of 30% of your adjusted gross income for up to five additional years.

Depreciated Securities

If you have securities that have decreased in value since you purchased them, consider selling them and making a tax deductible gift of the cash proceeds. You may then be able to deduct the loss from other taxable income. The combined tax benefits of the charitable donation in cash and the capital loss may actually exceed the current value of the investment.

Planned Giving

The Live On Society was created to honor and recognize those who remember Temple Emanuel in their estate plans. Through planned gifts such as bequests, life insurance policies, gift annuities, and charitable trusts, your estate gift can help strengthen Temple Emanuel in permanent ways. Some options preserve maximum control over your assets during life, while others may provide powerful tax and financial benefits as part of your philanthropy.

Learn more about planned giving to Temple Emanuel through the Live On Society.

Give with a purpose

Donors who make estate or outright gifts may designate their gift for a specific purpose. Such gifts can be designated to meet a current need or to support an existing endowed fund for the specified purpose.

A donor who wishes to contribute $100,000 or more may establish a Named Endowment Fund and may specify the program or activity that will utilize these funds (may be subject to board approval). Typically, these funds are named in honor of the donor, his or her family, or another individual.

General Funds

  • General Fund

  • Sisterhood Flower Fund – For Yahrzeits

  • Rabbi Steven and Joyce Foster Fund – Honoring Rabbi Foster’s 40 years of service to Temple

  • Tree and Art Fund - For indoor plant upkeep, outdoor landscaping, and art throughout the building.

  • Arnold and Lieba Alpert Administrative Fund - For computer equipment, training, or maintenance for the administrative requirements of Temple Emanuel

Shwayder Camp Funds

  • Sanford Y. Alpert Shwayder Camp Scholarship Fund

  • Archenhold Shwayder Camp Scholarship Fund

  • Max Cook Fund/Shwayder Camp Scholarship Fund

  • Goldman Family Shwayder Camp Scholarship Fund

  • Sanders/Goodman Shwayder Camp Scholarship Fund

  • Zoë Kislowitz Shwayder Camp Scholarship Fund

  • Raphael Levy Memorial Fund

  • Zim Zimmerman Shwayder Camp Scholarship Fund

  • David Allen Lipan Shwayder Camp Sports Equipment Endowment

  • Winter/Frankel Shwayder Camp Capital Improvement Fund

  • Shwayder Camp Rebuilding Fund

  • Marv Appel Shwayder Camp Special Needs Fund

  • Jenna Gruben Memorial Fund – For building and maintaining equipment for programming


  • Michael Schatz Memorial Lecture Series Fund

  • Evelyn Abelman Holocaust Awareness Fund - For programs to instill our children with the understanding of how the Holocaust has played a role in Modern Jewish life

  • The Claymon Family Preschool Fund - For technology, other furnishing, and refurbishing needs for the Early Childhood Center

  • Green Family Religious School Fund - For tuition for faculty to attend CAJE or NATE programs and for students to attend song-leading programs

  • The Edie Steinberg Kay Resource Fund - For electronic resources for Temple’s Brenner Library

  • Max Frankel Lecture Fund – For sponsoring a lecture or a series of lectures in Max Frankel’s honor

  • Fred L. Schwartz Library Fund

  • Trudy Dock Scholarship Fund - For scholarships to the Temple Early Childhood Center

  • Marjorie Hornbein Adult Education Fund

  • Earl Stone Scholar In Residence Fund

  • Preschool Donations - For scholarships and other needs of the Early Childhood Center

  • Religious School Donations - For items, projects or special events for the Religious School

  • Trotsky Israel Study Fund

  • Katchen - Heller Israel Scholarship Fund

  • Elyce Rae Tittman Fund - For youth scholarships for programs and camps, Religious School teacher training, and scholarships for previous Temple Emanuel students for educational advancement in Jewish education or Jewish communal service

Ritual, Art, and Music

  • Ruby S. Baum and Michael J Baum Perpetual Pulpit Fund – For the purchase and repair of items for the pulpit

  • Norma Jeanne Freedman Music Fund

  • Carl And Richard Tucker Family Music Fund

  • Ethel Kaplan Torah Fund – For the maintenance of the Torot, ark, and adornments.

  • Inscribed Prayer Book Fund – For the purchase new prayer books and other books used for ritual and their inscription ($36 minimum contribution)


  • The Barotz Family Mitzvah Day Fund

  • Network/Best Years Adult Programming Fund

  • Caring Committee – For providing comfort and support to Temple members in need

  • Social Justice Fund – For the support of the Temple’s social justice projects

  • Wolf Fund - For new programming

  • K’vod Catering – For the purchase of food and utensils to provide meals to the homeless