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Please fill in the following information as completely and accurately as possible. Please contact Susan Chayet, Membership Director with any questions.

Please note: If you recieve an "Oops" error while attempting to submit this form, please do not submit again. Please contact Susan, above. Our provider is working on the issue.

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As a member, you may add the names of your deceased loved ones to our weekly Kaddish list by logging into your Temple ShulCloud account and adding the names there. This is a “one-time” add and names will not be automatically repeated from year to year. A link to your new account will sent to you via email after your Membership has been accepted.

You may choose to honor the memory of your loved one in perpetuity by purchasing a memorial plaque, to be mounted in our Meditation Room. Names that appear on plaques will be added to our perpetual Yahrzeit list and will be automatically read each year on the Shabbat following the anniversary of death. You will receive a reminder postcard approximately one month prior to the anniversary date, telling you on which Shabbat the deceased’s name will be read. A Plaque Order Form with more detailed information can be found here or is available from the Temple office.

List all children in your household that are included in your family membership. If you have more than four children, contact the office.

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Temple Emanuel’s Annual Financial Commitment is called Kehila 1874, symbolic of our community (kehila) and the year of our founding (1874). Additionally, $1,874 is the sustaining amount per member family necessary to maintain our community. Each member is asked to join the Temple Emanuel community at the Baruch Haba, or sustaining, level of $1,874 per household. While this is the minimum sustaining level, we understand that some may not be able to contribute at this level. No one will ever be turned away from our congregation for inability to contribute. We ask that you support our congregation in a way that is significant and meaningful, with the intent of enabling our community to thrive.

Kehila 1874 is based on the one-year period of Temple Emanuel’s fiscal year, which begins July 1 and ends June 30. Memberships are prorated to date of joining. Kehila 1874 commitments may be paid during the current membership year annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly. A statement is mailed monthly to the address provided for any balance due. Your Kehila 1874 commitment may be increased annually.

Those under the age of 31 are eligible for free membership until one household member turns 31. Early Learning Center, Shwayder Camp, cemetery, and wedding fees are not adjusted for those with free memberships.

Please choose a Kehila 1874 giving level:

• Includes Shwayder Camp and school discounts

Benefits of Baruch Haba level, plus

  • Name published in Kehila 1874 donor list annually

Benefits of previous levels, plus

  • Access to 12 tribute cards

  • Invitation to one "pre-event" reception with speaker or performer where space is


  • Two complimentary tickets to annual fundraising concert

  • Custom wine with Temple Emanuel label

Benefits of previous levels, plus

  • Access to unlimited "no cost" tribute cards

  • Dinner with other Tzedek Circle members

  • Special "on the road" trip with Rabbi

  • Once a year special list recognizing Tzedek Circle

  • Opportunity to be a one-time, featured member on website and social media

  • Sponsor recognition at annual fundraiser

Benefits of previous levels, plus

  • Special pearl pin

  • Framed photo of original Pearl Street Temple


  • Special listing on Pearl Street donor display

• Special recognition for volunteers in one or more of Temple Emanuel's opportunities

and based on ongoing commitment and consistent involvement

All new members are asked to make a pledge to the Capital Improvement Fund of Temple Emanuel to maintain our beautiful facility and plan for future needs. The recommended pledge is twice the amount of the Kehila 1874 commitment. Members under the age of 31 are to determine this pledge upon reaching the age of 31. This pledge is payable over five years and, unless otherwise indicated, charges begin the second year of membership.

Tue, January 31 2023 9 Sh'vat 5783