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Celebrating Jewish Identity From Generation to Generation

What is exciting about becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Temple Emanuel? Jewish life is filled with many joys and celebrations. The clergy team of Temple Emanuel is very excited to guide you as you celebrate your child becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. While this is an important simcha (milestone) in the Jewish life of your family, it also is an important event within our congregational family.   

It is our hope to provide an understanding of Temple Emanuel’s values and philosophies toward becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah and help you organize the logistics involved in the process. We want to help you on the journey that not only leads to a day of rejoicing, but results in a lifelong commitment to Judaism and Jewish learning.   

The most important part of Bar/Bat Mitzvah is the recognition that the values of our tradition are worth preserving and worth living. We hope that you, as parents, and your children will find this period in your life most rewarding.

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B’nai Mitzvah: Coping with COVID

Current Policy

OCTOBER 2020-MAY 08, 2021 – Virtual ceremonies only
BEGINNING MAY 15, 2021 – Choice of outdoor ceremony (at Temple) or virtual ceremony

Review the Virtual Ceremony Guidelines

Review the Outdoor Ceremony Guidelines

The clergy team of Temple Emanuel is excited to continue celebrating the important moment of Bar and Bat Mitzvah during these strange and difficult times.

We have made the decision that we will not reschedule B’nai Mitzvah ceremonies during the time COVID-19 pandemic. Students and families will continue with their original dates and times in whatever modalities are deemed possible and safe for the moment.

Our decision to maintain Bar/Bat Mitzvah dates and times for our families during this year was not one made lightly. The clergy team, together with the Re-Opening Task Force, spent many hours discussing and imagining how we might best support families and students through this moment while also sustaining the health of the synagogue.

As we move through this public health crisis together, we continue to monitor the on-going situation, meet with medical professionals, and confer with our Temple Emanuel Denver Re-Opening Task Force. We will adapt and change our options as we assess what is possible, meaningful, and safe.

B’nai Mitzvah Program Team

Cantor Sacks directs and designs the Temple Emanuel B’nai Mitzvah Program. In partnership with the Temple Emanuel clergy team, Cantor Sacks ensures that each and every family and student feels known and celebrated at this special time in their life. Steve Brodsky, Cantorial Soloist and Music Director, runs and designs the B’nai Mitzvah Program together with Cantor Sacks.

Cantor Elizabeth Sacks
B'nai Mitzvah Program Director

Steve Brodsky
B’nai Mitzvah Program Co-Director

Terri Richardson
Clergy Assistant

Kathy Horewitch
Hebrew and B’nai Mitzvah Coord.

David Jacob Reynolds B’nai Mitzvah Program Fund

We are extraordinarily blessed to support and sustain our B’nai Mitzvah families through the David Jacob Reynolds B’nai Mitzvah Program Fund. The dedicated attention and certain celebration options that we offer are normally covered by our B’nai Mitzvah Program Fee of $850.00. Through the remarkable gift of the Reynolds Family Foundation, we are excited to announce that our B’nai Mitzvah Program fee is now subsidized to only $90.00 per family.
Lundy, Fred, and David Reynolds with Lundy ‘s father Bill

Lundy, Fred, and David Reynolds with Lundy ‘s father Bill

Through dedication to family life and the values of the Jewish tradition, David Jacobs Reynolds (of blessed memory) and his family exemplify the meaning and message of becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah – to continue and sustain the Jewish faith from generation to generation. We joyfully thank Fred and Lundy Reynolds and the entire Reynolds family for their generosity and vision. We hope that all of our families will embrace their generosity of spirit and help us maintain this fund to subsidize the cost for future families and students.

Learn more about the Temple Emanuel B’nai Mitzvah Program fees.

David Jacob Reynolds, a proud WWII veteran and father of Temple Emanuel member family the Reynolds

Lundy, Fred, and David Reynolds with Lundy ‘s father Bill

Mon, June 27 2022 28 Sivan 5782