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Research Project on the White Buses

09/15/2021 10:16:36 AM


Temple Member Roger Ritvo was recently awarded a grant to study the Swedish Red Cross's rescue of 30,000+ prisoners in the Nazi camps at the very end of World War 2, in spring 1945.

Roger Ritvo is a former college dean, university vice chancellor, and Distinguished Professor Emeritus who co-authored SISTERS IN SORROW. This book records the experiences of a dozen Holocaust survivors who worked as health aides, dentists, and technicians while they were prisoners who could help others in ordinary and remarkable ways.

The over-arching goal for this project is to document the role of the Swedish White Buses in saving prisoners in the Nazi labor and death camps. The study will be reading the scholarly and more popular histories and memoirs, watching recordings of survivors and/or family members, archival research, and interviews. Learn more about the rescue on Wikipedia.

Do you have any information about this almost forgotten piece of history? Please contact Roger Ritvo at or at 334-538-1517 to share what you know.

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