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In 2024, Temple Emanuel will celebrate 150 years as the spiritual home of a community seeking deep Jewish connection, inspirational prayer, and intellectual challenge and growth.

Together, we rejoice.
Together, we comfort.
Together, we pray.
Together, we learn.
Together, we repair the world.
Together, we seek God in our midst.

Celebrating 150 years of Heritage, Harmony, & Home

We celebrate Temple and its legacy, and as importantly, its future as an integral hub for our Jewish community. Through our collective support as a congregation, we will ensure tzedakah (righteousness and justice) takes place for generations to come.

Justin Levy, Raphael Levy Memorial Foundation


Our Jewish heritage provides us with the framework to build on our shared past, thrive in the present, and secure a meaningful and vital future for generations of our community.

Celebrating becoming a Bar Mitzvah at Temple Emanuel has been in the works since the day I was born, thirteen years ago. Whenever there’s a Jewish holiday or a special Jewish occasion, my family comes together at Temple.

Emery Hirschfeld, Bar Mitzvah

Established by 22 members in 1874, Temple Emanuel is the oldest and largest synagogue in the Rocky Mountain region. Today, Temple Emanuel brings together 2000 member households of diverse backgrounds and histories. We come together to wrestle with the big ideas of our people and apply them to the most significant issues of our time.

The 150th Anniversary Campaign encourages us to invest in our community, to preserve our heritage, and to pass along a sacred institution that is whole.

For 150 years, Temple Emanuel has been an anchor in the Jewish community and beyond. Temple Emanuel’s story is one of perserverance, progress, inclusion, ingenuity, and relevance. We are charged to ensure that the tradition of reflection and growth endures and sustains us for the next 150 years.

Dick & Marcia Robinson
Eddie & Susan Robinson


We are a welcoming community for every type of Jewish household. Our congregants come as they are. Whether single or partnered; gay or straight; interfaith; Jewishly involved or seeking connection; everyone finds an accepting place at Temple Emanuel.

We empower members of our community to pursue the Jewish way of life most relevant for them. We create meaningful musical experiences that move people toward spiritual expression and growth.

Rabbi Joseph Black

Music - both ancient and modern - is central to our experience at Temple Emanuel and is an essential part of the way we connect to God and one another.

Music has been an important part of my family since I can remember. I love how Temple Emanuel’s music has evolved over the years and continues to amplify my prayer and experience. My hope is that the music at Temple Emanuel will continue to inspire future generations.

Kelli Trotsky Pfaff


Temple Emanuel is more than a place. It is our legacy, our memories, our cultural and spirital home, and our community. Together, we share moments of joy and difficulty with one another. We create a space and a community that reflects our values and propels our dreams.

I was seeking a community. I was seeking courage and acceptance. I was seeking celebration and healing. I was seeking a way to satisfy my curiosity and fill my spirit. In the end, I was seeking Temple Emanuel. I have come home.

Marissa Tabak

When we come together in our holy space, we have the opportunity to cultivate surroundings that heal, inspire, and empower us. We need safe and secure environments that can serve our members’ needs during our most joyous and challenging times.

So many of us have found ourselves sitting in Temple Emanuel’s sanctuary, rejoicing in our community during life’s blessings and then also found ourselves there in the depths of despair, trying to find peace and solace and return to a higher moment.

Lisa Reckler Cohn

Together, we celebrate our remarkable legacy.
Together, we build a future for our community.
Together, we invest in people, projects, and spaces to support our journey into an extraordinary shared future.
Together, anything is possible.


Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784